Paul Andrew

Technical Product Manager for Office 365 at Microsoft
  • Paul Andrew

    Redmond Developer News links to my new SharePoint Developer site

    Michael Desmond of Redmond Developer News published an article linking to my new SharePoint Developer Introduction web site . The purpose of the site is to help .NET Developers who want to learn SharePoint development. If you think learning SharePoint...
  • Paul Andrew

    I am presenting at the .NET Users Group in Wellington next week

    If you're in Wellington and want to hear a bit about SharePoint development please come along. Details here: I'll be demoing Visual Studio 2008 development...
  • Paul Andrew

    MSSharePointDeveloper Content

    Please visit instead of this blog post. All of this information is available and much easier to navigate at but if you don't have Silverlight installed you can get most of the content...
  • Paul Andrew

    New Introductory SharePoint web site for .NET Developers

    Woo hoo. We launched this week to coincide with TechEd Developers in Orlando, Florida. There's lots of material for .NET developers who want to see what building applications on SharePoint is like up there. Please send...
  • Paul Andrew

    TechEd Developers USA

    My presentation at TechEd Developers this year was OFC202 Introduction to SharePoint Development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. A previous version of the demo solutoin is here:
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