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Training from Microsoft on SharePoint 2010

Training from Microsoft on SharePoint 2010

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Microsoft Learning has published their portal for Training on SharePoint 2010 here:

I'm just in the process of updating the free eLearning for SharePoint developers on MSDN here:

  • Thanks Paul,

    I've been looking forward to this update. I will dive in once you are finished with part 1.


  • I am adding IIS 7.0 to a W2K8R2 Standard server prior to installing SharePoint 2007. Some sites suggest adding the role of Web Server and selecting a bunch of the role services, others suggest that I should also install either add the role of Application Server or the feature of .NET Framework 3.5.1. (pretty much the same outcome - and what I would effectively do if it were IIS 6.0).

    So - is the "Web Server (IIS)" role enough for SharePoint 2007?

    Tim T.

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