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  • Blog Post: Moved from Wellington, New Zealand to Redmond, Washington.

    I just got SharpReader installed again. I've been absent from blogging since I left New Zealand on 11th March 2005. Sorry about that. I noticed that Nic has dropped me off the New Zealand .NET Developers Blog Roll . Very sad. Hey Nic, don't expat's count? I promise to write more real soon about my...
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Center Extender Trial

    I took home a Linksys Media Center Extender overnight to try out last night. This is a fantastic device which requires a Windows Media Center 2005 PC to work. You can watch all the same media types with this device that are available to the Windows Media Center 2005 PC. And this works at the same time...
  • Blog Post: Welcome Sean McBreen

    So my manager at Microsoft is Sean McBreen and he's just started blogging. <Here's where I say something silly about him and get into trouble> - nope better not. Sean is a great guy, make sure you add him to your RSS feeds.
  • Blog Post: Small Earthquake in Wellington

    This morning there was an earthquake in my home town. No damage at home, but a couple of poorly balanced things on my book case at work fell to the floor. No damage has been reported anywhere from the quake but it was widely felt. Here are the details: Local Time 7:56am, Date 21st Jan 2005. 5.5 on the...
  • Blog Post: Marlborough Sounds for the Holiday Weekend

    I've spent the holiday weekend a bit off the beaten track in the Marlborough Sounds (Mahau Sounds in Moetapu Bay to be exact). I've also just published the ASP.NET web site for the Catamaran Yacht we stayed on Panache Cat .
  • Blog Post: Fraud in Ministry of Health in New Zealand

    An Australian IT worker (a project manager) John Bernard Denison was sentanced today in Wellington , New Zealand. He had worked at the Ministry of Health in Wellington, New Zealand - where I live - how rude - and apparently had hacked the Ministry of Health systems in order to divert 2.3 million dollars...
  • Blog Post: Windows Media Center Edition 2005

    I'm running Windows Media Center Edition 2005 at home and is't very cool. Sometimes it's not though. I was just sitting on the couch watching the start of Everybody Loves Raymond. My wife walks in and rewinds it back to the start so I get to watch all the same gags again. Admititedly she missed the start...
  • Blog Post: Blog Spam Alert

    I've noticed an increase in blog-spam in the last 24 hours. That is, fake comments on my blog for the purpose of adding a URL thereby increasing a web sites ranking for google. There's no sign of an Edward or his blog at the site referred to. I've seen blog-spam pointing to this site before, but it...
  • Blog Post: Channel 9 Foam Guy Evolution

    Foam Guy from Channel 9 Evolves. Once he's finished you can get one by sending them a postcard.
  • Blog Post: My Travelling Brother

    My brother is still travelling around the south of France and he's posted some photos .
  • Blog Post: The User is Online - Be Responsive

    I’ve used a personal computer for a while now, and I think I’m a fairly experienced user of one. There are some things though that I’d just like to work different to how they do now. User Online / Offline Mode I often get my computer to do multiple things at once - a lot...
  • Blog Post: .NET User Group Tour of New Zealand

    I'm travelling around New Zealand currently with Adam Cogan Microsoft Regional Director from Australia. He's presenting on SQL Reporting Services and we were in Auckland last night (50 people) and Wellington city today at lunch time (53 People). Tonight we're going to Porirua .NET Link and tomorrow is...
  • Blog Post: Patches from Windows Update available on CD

    I just found this, you can order the patches on CD that otherwise would have to be downloaded from Windows Update. This should save a few hours of download time if you're rebuilding a PC.
  • Blog Post: Southpacific Summer Storm

    Very early Monday morning this week we had a huge storm . Over the hill they had 120 km/h winds at Mt Kau Kau. Trains were cancelled, trolley busses were cancelled, 60 schools in the area were closed for the day (but not my kids one). The winds blew over a 2 year old tree in my yard and a piece of trellis...
  • Blog Post: My Team is Hiring a .NET Developer Specialist

    My group at Microsoft in New Zealand is hiring a Community focussed .NET Developer Specialist. A .NET Developer Specialist's time is split between supporting in-person and online developer events and working informally with leaders in the developer community. The job spec calls for someone with a University...
  • Blog Post: Hanging Windows XP

    I'm currently working on a problem a friend is having. I helped him build a new computer recently and it hangs, locks up, as in “Press The Reset Button To Continue” sometimes. Sometimes being when he exits the personal video recorder software that came with a LeadTek TV2000 Expert . I didn't realise...
  • Blog Post: Help, I'm off topic

    Can anyone tell me how to stop my inane useless off-topic posts ending up on the main page ? Pardon me if this is an FAQ.
  • Blog Post: Google yourself

    Once in a while you should do a google search on yourself. In the town where I grew up there was a well known concrete layer called Paul Andrew. I found this intriguing. After a lapse at the local public library I tried to borrow a book and was told my card was invalid because it had been reissued to...
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