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  • Blog Post: Microsoft provides BPEL 2.0 in WF - BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation March CTP

    In March 2007 Microsoft plans to release a CTP of a set of BPEL activities for Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). This will be called BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation March CTP and the CTP release will implement the BPEL 1.1 specification. The final release of BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation...
  • Blog Post: What to use Windows Workflow Foundation for?

    We established that Windows Workflow Foundation isn't an end user product in a recent entry . In this entry I want to give my opinions on what software developers should be using WF for. WF is a new capability in the .NET Framework 3.0 that developers have to use in solutions that they build. After working...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Workflow Starter Kit for Software Developers

    The SharePoint team originally primarily targetted information workers in providing a workflow development environment for their SharePoint Designer product when they released Windows SharePoint Services v3. For developers who prefer Visual Studio for creating workflows there is now the Workflow Starter...
  • Blog Post: Integrating Windows Workflow Foundation and Windows Communication Foundation

    Just posted today: This new article and sample provide a great demo and example code for using WF and WCF together for building workflow-enabled services. It is a rebuild of an Expense Reporting demo that we have had for WF for some time.
  • Blog Post: How does Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) compare to product X?

    I get asked this question a bit from people who have heard of WF but have not read much about it. This applies to BizTalk Server 2006, Office SharePoint Server 2007, SourceCode K2, Skelta, Captaris, other BPM products, etc. Here's how I explain it. I'll try to avoid the million analogies that could be...
  • Blog Post: A new WF Case Study on KiwiBank is Published Today

    KiwiBank in New Zealand is using Windows Workflow Foundation as part of its service layer in the banks infrastructure.
  • Blog Post: Back from Holidays and into Workflow (WF)

    Since my last post we've had the Christmas holidays and I had a relaxing break. We also had a power outtage for four and a half days which was less relaxing. Today I'm catching up on some of the goings on around Windows Workflow Foundation with a link listing. If you too were away for the holidays this...
  • Blog Post: Glenn Block digs into workflow properties

    Check Glenn's post on implementing WF properties:
  • Blog Post: New WF Book - K. Scott Allen

    K. Scott Allen has written a book to publish this month, but not quite yet, on Windows Workflow Foundation. Can't wait to see it.
  • Blog Post: Learn about workflow in Windows SharePoint Services version 3

    Windows SharePoint Services version 3 is a useful option for a host for building workflows on Windows Workflow Foundation. They implement a host and their own persistence service and tracking service which are aligned with the SharePoint data store. There's a whitepaper available describing both Windows...
  • Blog Post: Windows Workflow Foundation and Visual Basic .NET

    The Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) runtime supports all CLS compliant programming languages. The Visual Studio 2005 extensions for WF are only provided for C# and Visual Basic .NET. It's easy to find C# samples to get started. Here's some pointers to samples for getting started with Windows Workflow...
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