• paramesh

    Hyderabad Happenings

    I have been blasted by some of my own team members for writing the most boring blogs. So much so, that one person commented that even changing the font colors will add a little more life to my blogs. With this in mind, I gingerly step forward into making...
  • paramesh

    Tech Ed, 2005, Bangalore and VSTS

    I wish I had been there. A number of folks on my team working on VSTS spent most of the last 3 days down at the Tech Ed, 2005, in Bangalore. The reports that I have seen so far indicate that there has been tremendous excitement around VSTS, in general...
  • paramesh

    Developer Tools, India

    Hello, there! I work out of Microsoft's India Development Center at Hyderabad, India. I am the Director of the Developer Tools group, which is part of the Developer Division, home to Visual Studio and the .NET framework. I moved back to India after a...
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