Posting sites early under the "preview" tag are great for getting people excited and generating buzz.  Unfortunatly, sites in "preview" also usually have a few bugs that can be quite bothersome and need to be hit with the zapper.

A couple bugs that will soon be fried are...

1. Date stamp on latest video feed is sometimes squished
2. More from this partner is in some cases "More from another partner"
3. Audio levels are very low for some videos (we will only able to modify this a to a degree, some audio issues are the result of the audio encoding on the WMV file.
4. When returning to a specific video via a direct link...some of the videos don't resolve and others disapear.
5. Some of the titles are being cut short

I wanted to let everyone know what we are working on and will post a more extensive list of bugs we're tracking tomorrow. We really appreciate your feedback.

 PS.  If you're having issues uploading a video, please log into the site with your Windows LiveID, then visit the create tab where you will see an "upload" button that will take you through an upload wizard.