I know there is no "beta 2" tag, but for those of you who've been visiting the site regularly you'll notice the updates.

 Here's what I am sending out to a few folks regarding these updates, hope you like the updates.  Kudos to Archetype for the great work.


Digital Forum Beta 2 Release from Microsoft Partner Labs (www.digitalforumtv.com)


After launching Digital Forum Beta 1 at the Worldwide Partner Conference last July.   Microsoft Partner Labs is releasing Digital Forum Beta 2 on February 9th, 2009.  Through Digital Forum, Microsoft Partners can connect with a community of customers, peers, and the world, and share self-made videos of their innovative business solutions.  Anyone can engage in conversations around forum videos and can search, sort, comment, rate, bookmark, and embed video links.


All videos shown on the site are created by Microsoft Partners.  Microsoft partners’ businesses range from agencies, resellers, service providers, and independent software vendors that specialize in Microsoft technologies.


What’s new in Beta 2?

Microsoft Partner Labs has engaged with Archetype, a Microsoft Partner based in San Francisco that specializes in developing rich internet applications, to make improvements to the sites backend and performance, as well as enhancements to the user interface to create a better experience.


What’s next?

Microsoft Partner Labs will release Digital Forum RTW in March 2009 prior to the MIX09 conference. The most notable new feature contained in this next release is a web-based video editor offered as part of the “Create” experience on the site.  Archetype has posted a preview of the Digital Forum “Create” experience to share how we plan to dramatically simplify the process of creating and sharing video content on the web.