Work has started on a long-overdue overhaul of the Microsoft Partner Portal homepage and we are looking for input from the community as we finalize the design. 

Our objectives in this redesign include:

  • Creating a cleaner, improved experience for partners.
  • Making it easier to find the important information and tools to drive your business.
  • Greater flexibility in the layout to support additional media types, like video and Silverlight presentations
  • Content tailored to a visitor's needs (example: job role, company type, new users, etc)

This week we are posting out the early design images for you to review and comment on, while we complete the coding on a live prototype of the page.  We will have the prototype available for additional feedback next week. Beyond just your general comments, we are particularly interested in your answers to the following questions:

  • What catches your eye first?
  • What would be the most useful thing on this page, for you?
  • What would you usually be trying to do, if you came to the Partner Portal homepage?
  • Would this page enable you to get closer to that goal?
  • Why, or why not?

Feel free to leave your feedback as comments to this post.  We'll be responding and capturing your input so we can continue to improve this design.

 Now, on to the show-n-tell.

Homepage Concept Sketch

Thumbnail of homepage sketch

This is the initial concept sketch for the new MSPP Portal design we are developing for release in June 2009. (Click to see full image)

Link list Detail

Detail image of the link list area

The link list area in the top-right of the home page is intended to give you easy access to the resources that are used most on the site.  The design also allows for easy contextual search directly from this area.

In-line Multimedia

Detail image

The design includes the ability to view video and multimedia presentations directly from the homepage--placing the key highlights and information within easy reach. Videos can also be viewed in full-screen mode. 

Partner Resource Syndication

Detail of syndication area

Important resources from other Microsoft Partner Program sites can be highlighted directly on the homepage.  As new relevant information is published the highlights will be available directly from this page.

There are more details to come as we get closer to June.  We are looking forward to your feedback!