In a previous post, we shared our thoughts on the Homepage updates that we are working on for June--now it's time to reveal the first images of the new direction we are taking search on the Partner Portal.  Again, we want your feedback so we can best meet your needs when you are looking for resources across the Microsoft Partner Program.

As you look through these design sketches, we would love to hear from you about:

    • What kind of information are you looking for when you search on the Microsoft Partner Portal?
    • Do you find the "Editor's Choice" information useful?
    • Would you prefer results segmented by site (like in this sketch) or interlaced into one list?

The goal of this overhaul is to simplify the User Interface while increasing the sources of information that are available for you when you search for Partner related information.  This June, we will be federating the results of all the Partner training opportunities and all of the MS Partner Portal content.  When complete, you will have the option of seeing any of the available training that is available for the topic you are searching.

(click image below to see full-size)

Thumbnail of Search Sketch

Training Opportunities

To streamline your search for partner materials and training, we have included the entire Partner training library in the search index. Results from both indexes are displayed by default, but you will have the option to focus your search to either index individually.  The new interface is becoming your one-stop search location for the top Partner resources.

Detail of the Search Bar

 Moving Editor's Choice

To give you more results on the screen without needing to scroll down the page, we are also planning on moving the Editor's Choice results from the current search page to the right-side of the page.  This will place these results in easy reach when you are searching, but will place the results of your search at the top of the page.

Detail of the Editor's Choice

Condensed Result Details

The details for any results returned by your search, will be returned in a condensed format.  The description will include only the relevant sections of test where your search terms are included in the return.  This will help you scan the information quickly and pick the information that you need without scrolling down the page.  The entry will also include details on file size, file type, as well as the final URL.

Detail of Results

Future Integration with other Indexes

The eventual plan is to integrate the search will even more indexes of partner-relevant information.  In this design sketch, we have included a potential scenario that would include MSDN, Technet and 

thumbnail of future indexes