If you haven't heard the news (or seen the site) yet, the Microsoft Partner Program is evolving into the Microsoft Partner Network.  As part of this change, we've completed the overhaul of the Partner site. 

 If you've been following along (see details), and hopefully giving us feedback, we've been restructuring how the home page works--giving you easy access the important information you need.  With today's announcement, we reveal the rest of the face-lift, cleaning up the color palette, improving the usability and speeding up the performance time. 

 The change in this update include:

  • Content Centered to fit screen resolution
  • More white space
  • New color palette
  • World-wide reach

We would love to continue to get your feedback on our redesign.  We are going to continue to improve the site and we take all your comments into consideration as we make the changes.

 Make sure to stop by the site to see it for yourself.

 Now for the details!

Centering the Content

Moving the content away from the flush-left style that was in the old design, allows for better use of the available screen space. As you increase the window size, the content will move to best fit the window. You may notice that the low-profile background graphics appear differently for different screen sizes (you can also see this by changing the percent size of the window).

White space

 Detail of the use of white space on the site

Adding to the open and fresh look of the layout is the extensive use of the white-space.  As simple as it sounds, the white-space reduces the cluttered feeling on the page and increases the readability of the text on the page.  This will help you find the information you need quickly.

New Colors!

 new colors on the website

 Gone is the dated orange/red color palette.  The Greens and Yellows of the new Partner branding bring a fresh new look to the site.

 International Appeal

 Chinese Language version of homepage

As part of the roll out, we've coordinated with all of the international teams to update the local Microsoft Partner Network sites as well.  Here is a detail from the Hong Kong Chinese language site as an example.