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  • Blog Post: Digital Forum Beta LIVE!

    We're live...a little before 2/9 PST.
  • Blog Post: Unbroken Links

    Update on our bug bash. Deep linking and embedding are now resolving just fine.
  • Blog Post: WPC Preview getting rid of some moths

    Posting sites early under the "preview" tag are great for getting people excited and generating buzz. Unfortunatly, sites in "preview" also usually have a few bugs that can be quite bothersome and need to be hit with the zapper. A couple bugs that will soon be fried are... 1. Date stamp on latest...
  • Blog Post: The world finds out about Digital Forum

    As our film crew was busy pumping out videos with partners, the press found out what we were up to in partner labs. Check out what they are saying around the site. eChannelLine CNET eWeek
  • Blog Post: Timeline: Digital Forum goes warp speed

    Metaliq and I connected back in the fall of 2007 to begin working on the project, but due to business justifications, yada-yada-yada, we didn’t end up beginning the project until February 2008. Fast forward through legal sign-offs, design reviews, hosting analysis, and we arrive in mid-May 2008 where...
  • Blog Post: “Top Banana” creates “Project Hollywood”

    My role at Microsoft is… Actually that is not a simple sentence to complete, but here goes: Broadly I engage in marketing opportunities that touch Microsoft Partners or potential partners in emerging business areas. To be compelling in this space it is important that I have evidence to show that our...
  • Blog Post: User Generated Rich Social Media

    Microsoft announced a product called Silverlight back at the Mix conference in the spring of 2007. As a part of this some select partners were offered the opportunity to begin developing on the platform early and showcase their work at the conference. One of these partners was San Francisco based Metaliq...
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