The first Windows Phone 7 update

The first Windows Phone 7 update

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Today marked the first day of the Windows Phone 7 update cycle. You can read here more about the background to the update and the reason for this first one to be small but important to enable the bigger, more anticipated updates.

Obviously I was as curious as most other ‘involved’ Windows Phone 7 users, how this update would be handled and what an update on this new platform would look like as a process.

To start with the end: it looks simple and clear, well guided steps on the Zune software, a very clear DO NOT TOUCH type of icon on the phone screen. Really as you’d expect it. The update took 15 minutes from connecting the phone, finding the update and installing it. And yes, the phone still works Smile

Here’s what the steps looked like:

First connect your phone and in the Zune software select settings and move to the Phone section.


Here you can find the Update link, once you click it the software will go out and search for an available update;


If you have been lucky to be in the first group of people to receive the update, select Update now and patiently wait for the screens to pass by. Most time is spent on creating the back up of the phone (but that looks like a good investment of time Smile).


After the back-up, the process moves over to the phone screen. When the actual update is being done. A clear progress bar is keeping you informed on the process. Once done the phone will cycle automatically through a reboot.

Once rebooted, the phone driver on the PC will re-discover the phone and it actually looked like it was updated. Followed by the screen that confirms the successful update back over on the PC screen.


With this it feels that the process for doing updates is ready for that promised goodness we’ve all seen at CES. I really can’t wait for some of these new features of course preceded with the eagerly awaited cut-copy-paste.

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  • Has this crippled sideloading of applications for non-paid developers?

  • i read somewhere that we should make sure the phone is charged before we update it. Is that really necessary? I thought the usb connection acts as charger.  Thanks

  • I had it fully charged. I also (coincidentally) restarted before starting the process. Basically just press and hold the on/off and start the phone up again.

  • You are the lucky one!

    Rest of us here -

  • got my first update for htc hd7 -tmobil. it was simple and im so happy

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