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April, 2010

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Hello, my name is Patrick Butler Monterde, and I work at Microsoft as a Cloud Architect. In my current role I am responsible for developing Cloud strategy and Cloud IP for Microsoft Services. Prior to this role, I was a Worldwide Windows Azure Technical Sales Specialist responsible for supporting global enterprise customers to successfully adopt the Windows Azure platform. Before to joining Microsoft, I held a number of positions from development, management to software architecture. I specialize in Cloud Computing, .NET development, and project management.

 I spend most of my free time traveling the world, riding motorcycles and taking care of my biggest fans, which call me: Papa!

Thanks, for visiting my Blog!

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    Monitoring SQL Azure Using Dynamic Management Views

    Microsoft SQL Azure Database enables a subset of dynamic management views to diagnose the performance problems, which might be caused by blocked or long-running queries, resource bottlenecks, poor query plans, and so on. This topic provides information...
  • Windows Azure Tribes

    Windows Azure Storage Tools

    Excellent post regarding Windows Azure Storage Explorers. This blog post from the Windows Azure Storage team, and it contains a comprehensive list of tools for Azure storage management:
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