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April, 2007

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    MIX - day 1

    I'm at MIX07 this week, and it's very exciting. Silverlight is the big story, along with the release of Expression Studio . Seeing Silverlight in action, I keep thinking that this is going to have a huge impact on the way people think about and build...
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    DinnerNow end-to-end sample

    There are so many new features in Windows Server Longhorn and Vista … how can you learn how they fit together? Try visiting . DinnerNow is an end-to-end sample that shows off IIS7, ASP.NET Ajax, LINQ, WCF, WF, WPF, CardSpace, PowerShell...
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    Visual Studio “Orcas” great feature #1: LINQ

    LINQ – Language Integrated Query – is one of the coolest language features I’ve ever seen. It makes queries into first-class language elements – not just strings that you pass along to a database engine. That has all sorts of benefits … one of the simplest...
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    Keystroke conservation

    Jon Udell (now a fellow Microsoft employee) recently made a simple suggestion: every time you email someone with information, ask yourself if you can blog that information instead (or in addition). That way, you expand the reach of your communication...
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