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February, 2008

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About Pat's Windows Development blog

Welcome to my blog! I'm a developer consultant in the Microsoft Services Premier Developer group. This blog started with a focus on application compatibility from my previous role with the Windows PC Ecosystem team assisting developers getting applications ready for the next version of Windows.  This blog focuses on the tips, tricks, and interesting info we discover in working with developers creating Windows apps.

  • Pat's Windows Development Blog

    Where do I start?

    When you work on a given subject for a while, you tend to jump right in and forget to start at the beginning. In the Application Compatibility lab, we kick off the week with an overview presentation and cover the basics of common compatibility issues...
  • Pat's Windows Development Blog

    Welcome to my blog

    I'm Pat Altimore an Application Developer Consultant who spends most of my time working in the Application Compatibility Labs at Microsoft. I'm planning on posting stuff of interest that we find in the lab. I hope the posts here will be helpful to developers...
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