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  • Blog Post: THE “App Compat Guy” - Still Crazy After All These Years

    Believe it or not, way back when Windows Vista was in beta, there were a bunch of “app compat guys”. Over the years, many of us have moved on to other things but one guy has stood the test of time.  Chris Jackson has earned the title of “The App Compat Guy” hands down. Chris is always a joy to watch...
  • Blog Post: How Do I Deploy a Windows 8 App to Another Device for Testing?

    If your developing a new Windows 8 app and you want to test it on another device (e.g. Surface), you’ll need to use a technique called sideloading. This can easily be done through a few steps that I’ll describe in this post. What is Sideloading? Windows 8 Store Apps are deployed through...
  • Blog Post: How do I Test Internet Explorer 10 Touch Behavior Without a Touch Device?

    For browsing, IE 10 provides a great touch experience with the Metro style browser. If you don’t have touch enabled hardware available, here’s a quick way to simulate touch behavior to test your site. Visual Studio Simulator Visual Studio Express 2012 is designed for writing Metro Style...
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