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  • Blog Post: Developer Productivity Measured

    I often talk about the effects of lost productivity to my team and co-workers. I recently stumbled across this article ( Programmer Interrupted ) that was posted by a friend (Ward Pond) on his Facebook page. It is clear the impact that a single interruption can have. When you multiply that by 5 or 10...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Function to merge a date with a time

    I use this when I need to join two fields. One has a date, the other has a time.   IF EXISTS ( SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N '[util].[uf_MergeDate2Time]' ) AND type in (N 'FN' , N 'IF' , N 'TF' , N 'FS' , N 'FT' )) DROP FUNCTION [util].[uf_MergeDate2Time] GO ...
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