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  • Blog Post: vs 2005 code snippets part 3

    now for the final step we just need to add our snippet and add our replacements that we defined in the second part of this article. between the code node, paste your snippet. any item that you want to be replaced with the variable that you have defined, just replace the text with your variable (surrounded...
  • Blog Post: vs 2005 code snippets part 2

    the schema for the code snippet format is well documented and easy to read. I have put a copy here, ( snippetformat.xsd ) as the first thing you need to do is get familiar with the schema, then making changes become trivial. I will then demonstrate automating the creation of snippets based on the schema...
  • Blog Post: vs 2005 code snippets

    [cricket.mp3 - repeat for 9 months] yes, i had good intentions…anyway… so here we are getting very close to launch date, so i am going to just post some nice things about what i have been cutting my teeth on…first and formost are the code snippets. if you find yourself repeating the same code...
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