If you are, lets us know?

As Bill O'Brien has posted, we know that there are 50+ people from Ireland going to attend, and this is our largest attendence ever :)

Let's do the Paddy's abroad thing and met in an Irish pub? hmmm, ???.

At the time of posting, the registration is still open.

There is loads to talk about; the price of houses, the price of the pint, the luas, the endless dublin traffic problems and the price of crossing a service boundary. OK, I wrote it, its nerdy, but their is no looking back in my world, there is too much to look forward to ;)

So, it would be great if you could make it, if you can't still drop us a line anyway. Every so often, we have been known to organise a social event in Dublin ?

Also, hey if you have a chance, have a look at the new look MSDN Ireland web site. Have a look at the left hand side and visit the developer,architect, ISV sections and let us now what you would like to see there. The portal is there for you to use and we need your feedback :)