Congratulations to our local DPE in Ireland, they really have out done themselves this time!! On Wed. the 3rd of Nov, we have a full day event that is jam packed with great sessions and exceptional speakers. The list of speakers includes Eric Rudder, who is the senior vice president of Servers and Tools. Eric and his team are responsible for everything that is the programming model for the client and server, for creating the best tools for the .NET platform and for fostering synergies between Windows and the Windows Server System offerings. IMHO, I think one of the best descriptions of his role is on BusinessWeek.Com, he is the .NET General.

IMHO this is a must for every Irish developer as Eric is going to cover the Future Landscape of Microsoft's Servers and Tools and boy!! do we have some really cool and clever stuff in the pipeline. Take a look at the Whidbey and Longhorn waves of technologies, the stuff is just amazing!! I'm only just back from an amazing trip to MS Corp, where I had the pleasure (and I sincerely thank all those involved in allowing me to attend!!! )  of being involved in a Software Design Review (SDR) of Indigo!!! Sorry, can't comment but bear with me!! I will blog about the waves of technologies and hopefully give you some insightful pointers on whats in the pipeline ;) While you wait, have a peek at Richard Turner's blog; at the moment he is working on some really great whitepapers that are going to provide prescriptive guidance on developing distributed systems with the current MS stack and discusses the when, where and how to most appropriately use Microsoft's distributed systems technologies including ASMX, Enterprise Services and Remoting.

You can register for the Irish MSDN event at and if you have any q's contact me or those hard working folks in the Irish DPE team (and oh yeah, Clare, why don't you blog!! :) ).

Look forward to seeing you all there and hey, I would really like some suggestions on what to blog about?? as its hard to know what to do with so many bloggers out there??; the product guys have all of the fun ;) and will always beat us MS field folks to the punch!! Being original and revelant is an art and not a science; and as Christopher Baldwin pointed out today on his very 1st blog entry, "its about time, Or maybe more accurately, it's about making the time" and I would add its about finding the time!! which is slightly different in my book, being a consultant!

Ciao and seeya in 2 weeks?? right? ;)


btw, if you're looking to read up on what we are planning and gain some insight into the direction for Visual Studio and the related products from now, through Whidbey and Burton, and to the future? have a look at these blogs from the Developer Division leadership team. Also, and this is Very NB, Somasegar is asking "What do you want us to blog about?"; this is a VERY MUST blog to visit, we in Microsoft want to understand the ways in which our stack gets used and how you would like them to evolve?


and, oh yeah,

You can register for the Irish MSDN event at