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  • Blog Post: System.Transactions in Whidbey - Part 1 - Overview

    If you have had a chance to install Beta 1 of .NET V2 (i.e. Whidbey), you may have noticed a new namespace called System.Transactions . System.Transactions provides a simple object model that unifies the concept of a transaction into a number of basic building blocks that caters for more possibilities...
  • Blog Post: Transactions - The concepts - Part 3

    Today, as we write application code we generally are not dealing with immutable state/data, we are applying application logic to state/data so that it transforms from one known state to another known state in a consistent, all or nothing fashion. Today, when performing this in code that does not involve...
  • Blog Post: Transactions - The concepts - Part 2

    In general, when we think of Transactions we tend to think of database transactions. Databases are a great example of how a data server can implement transactions and therefore handle concurrency, provide isolation and provide consistency. The concept of what constitutes a Transaction expands beyond...
  • Blog Post: Transactions - The concepts - Part 1

    When thinking about Transactions, I think it is fair to say that Transactions are one of the most powerful and frequently used paradigms in Enterprise Computing today. With Transactions, we have a collection of patterns that deal with how concurrency management and recovery control can be handled in...
  • Blog Post: Volatile Transactions & In-Memory Transactions - do they have ACID, ACId or ACI properties?

    In my last blog posting, How should we think of Transactions ? I mentioned Volatile transactions and how I currently think they can be perceived in different ways! Do they have ACID, ACId or ACI properties? In case you do not know what Volatile Transactions (aka In-Memory Transactions) are, they are...
  • Blog Post: How To Enable Network COM+ Access in Windows Server 2003
  • Blog Post: How to enable network DTC access in Windows Server 2003
  • Blog Post: Service Boundaries: What are They?

    Michele Leroux Bustamante writes "I participated in Benjamin Mitchell’s chalk talk on SOA at Tech Ed in Amsterdam last month and one of the biggest areas of confusion was exactly this. What is a service boundary? How do developers know when to build a service interface for an application feature?"
  • Blog Post: A must read - PAG's Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability guide

    I know others have blogged about this (including dbox , ricom , jasonz ) and its been out for a few weeks now, but hey it is a must read. It's over 1100 pages of good stuff for everyone, topics covered include, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML Web Services, Enterprise Services and lots more, Improving .NET Application...
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