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  • Blog Post: Whitepaper: The .NET Framework and the Microsoft Enterprise Application Development Platform

    Building Connected Systems: The .NET Framework and the Microsoft Enterprise Application Development Platform is a new whitepaper posted on MSDN last week. It is the first of a serier of papers that describes Microsoft’s enterprise application development platform. <Extract> An enterprise software...
  • Blog Post: Interoperability Webcast Month

    Next week sees the start of a month of Interoperability Webcast Month - January 18 – February 11, 2005 . In the mean time, if you are looking for resources on Interoperability between .NET and Java/J2EE, you may find some of the following resources useful! Interoperability Resources for Developers and...
  • Blog Post: Omri Gazitt talks about what Microsoft is doing with Web Services

    Omri Gazitt is the product unit manager on the advanced Web Services team. The folks at Channel9 ask him, What is Microsoft doing with Web Services? you can see the video at Ciao, P.
  • Blog Post: Transactions - The concepts - Part 3

    Today, as we write application code we generally are not dealing with immutable state/data, we are applying application logic to state/data so that it transforms from one known state to another known state in a consistent, all or nothing fashion. Today, when performing this in code that does not involve...
  • Blog Post: Transactions - The concepts - Part 2

    In general, when we think of Transactions we tend to think of database transactions. Databases are a great example of how a data server can implement transactions and therefore handle concurrency, provide isolation and provide consistency. The concept of what constitutes a Transaction expands beyond...
  • Blog Post: Transactions - The concepts - Part 1

    When thinking about Transactions, I think it is fair to say that Transactions are one of the most powerful and frequently used paradigms in Enterprise Computing today. With Transactions, we have a collection of patterns that deal with how concurrency management and recovery control can be handled in...
  • Blog Post: Volatile Transactions & In-Memory Transactions - do they have ACID, ACId or ACI properties?

    In my last blog posting, How should we think of Transactions ? I mentioned Volatile transactions and how I currently think they can be perceived in different ways! Do they have ACID, ACId or ACI properties? In case you do not know what Volatile Transactions (aka In-Memory Transactions) are, they are...
  • Blog Post: PDC 2005 - are you going to be there? Los Angelas - Sept. 11 - 16, 2005

    So now the news is out, there is going to be a PDC 2005 There are currently no more details available , but you can signup for updates as the details develop.
  • Blog Post: Interoperability Webcast Month - January 18 – February 11, 2005

    With over 40 Webcasts on: why it matters to the business, common strategies and methods, and guidance on specific implementation scenarios between the major platform players, this is going to be quite a comprehensive series. You can pre-register for the Webcast series at
  • Blog Post: IIS6 and Windows 2003 (Part 5)

    What is particularly interesting about HTTP.SYS is that it has an API and it can be used to write/roll your own HTTP endpoint. Nice!! Currently there is only a C API , but with Whidbey you have access to a managed API to HTTP.SYS. Here is a sample (via Don's blog ) of the HTTPListener class that comes...
  • Blog Post: Learn about Indigo at VSLive

    Session Descriptions Keynote: Introducing Indigo Programming Indigo Building Secure Services with Indigo Building Reliable, Asynchronous Services with Indigo The Road to Indigo: Building Service-Oriented Applications Today The Road to Indigo: Building Reliable Distributed Applications using the NET Framework...
  • Blog Post: Eric Rudder is speaking at our next MSDN event, WOW!!

    Congratulations to our local DPE in Ireland , they really have out done themselves this time!! On Wed. the 3rd of Nov , we have a full day event that is jam packed with great sessions and exceptional speakers. The list of speakers includes Eric Rudder , who is the senior vice president of Servers and...
  • Blog Post: The Indigo Team on the .NET Show, talking about connected systems

    Don Box , Doug Purdy , Richard Turner and Eric Schmidt discuss the benefits of connected systems . So if you are unaware of what Microsoft means by a connected system, here is a few resourses on the web that you might find useful: A Guide to Developing and Running Connected Systems with Indigo Service...
  • Blog Post: WS-Addressing goes to the W3C Board

    Rebecca Dias blogs about how WS-Addressing has been submitted to the W3C , with BEA , IBM , Microsoft , SAP , and Sun have jointly making the formal submission to W3C.
  • Blog Post: Service Orientation and Today's Technologies

    On MSDN TV , Matt Powell talks with Richard Turner about the benefits of Service Orientation, the four tenets of Service Orientation, and how to use today’s technologies to move toward a service-oriented world today and in the future with Indigo. The transcript to the video is here and the video can...
  • Blog Post: Service Boundaries: What are They?

    Michele Leroux Bustamante writes "I participated in Benjamin Mitchell’s chalk talk on SOA at Tech Ed in Amsterdam last month and one of the biggest areas of confusion was exactly this. What is a service boundary? How do developers know when to build a service interface for an application feature?"
  • Blog Post: Richard Turner on MSDN's Channel 9

    Richard Turner on the MSDN big screen, i.e. Channel 9 What is the biggest misperception of Indigo? [ ] What is your advice to developers who are thinking about Indigo and interoperability? [ ]...
  • Blog Post: What is the biggest misperception of Indigo?

    Richard Turner talks about what is the biggest misperception of Indigo?
  • Blog Post: Prescriptive Guidance for Web Services, Enterprise Services, and .NET Remoting

    It case you missed it on the first read, there is some short yet very powerful paragraphs on Prescriptive Guidance for Web Services, Enterprise Services, and .NET Remoting
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