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My name is Paul Donnelly.  I'm a test manager for Microsoft Windows and have responsibility for Windows beta programs.  My teams primary function is to capture customer feedback and use it to shape the next version of Windows.

There are many feedback channels at Microsoft and specifically my team is currently focused on pre-release feedback on Windows Vista and Longhorn server.

I've been with Microsoft since 1995 and have always had a role in Windows feedback in one way or another.  It used to be only bug reports but there are now many different ways to obtain customer data and use it to improve Windows.

This blog serves the purpose of constructively discussing better ways of capturing your input and making it count.  At times, capturing the right data can be more challenging than you would think!

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    Improving bug reporting for Windows

    We've kicked of requirements gathering for the next version of the beta bug reporting tool. The current tool, the Microsoft Beta Client (MBC), does some things good. But as with any software after you have time to look back at it there are things we could...
  • A Bug's Life

    About all those 'bugs', Robert...

    What a great way to kick off this blog. Someone sent me a great link this week, Robert McLaws has an interesting analysis of Vista and Longhorn feedback on his blog. It's pretty good based on the way he extracted the data. In fact there are a lot...
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