image Have you seen the new HP TouchSmart tx2? Development of the tablet PC now with HP's TouchSmart technology. It looks pretty awesome and is getting some good reviews but I could only find it on the US HP site - come on UK don't dilly dally!!

Key thing for me is if Windows 7 will support this device - if I can determine this than I'm going to be making another personal purchase real soon. At £799  expected RRP the family might have to miss out on a summer holiday again - but I must have my precious!

Can't wait to get coding against a real multi-touch device under Windows 7 - its so COOL!!

I still have the HP TC1000 and TC1100 tablets - the forerunners to this style of 'conversion' tablet design. I love these devices because they work so well, and I can drop the kb and go slate. But the processor power and support for Vista/Win7 just isn't there - so its time for an upgrade.