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  • Blog Post: Assembly, Finland

    Well here I am, on a gorgeous day with clear blue skies and bright sunshine, in Finland attending the Assembly . A huge event attracting thousands of your technology enthusiasts. The Hartwell arena is filling up fast as attendees bring their beloved computer kit to participate in this four day technology...
  • Blog Post: Mashed 08: Wotudo Blimp

    It start out as a simple bit of fun but with the help of old and new friends at Mashed 08 it turned into a real 'mashed activity! It first flew with simple Wotudo.net branding (my other blog) - I wasn't sure if the vinyl lettering (from Signprint.co.uk would be to heavy,but it worked perfectly thanks...
  • Blog Post: BBC Mashed

    Planning on attending the BBC Backstage Mashed event 21st/22nd July Alexander Palace, London? I hope to see you there! I'll be attending to show off Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio. I'm working on a simulation environment to provide lots of fun for attendees during the 48hr event. First, in...
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