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TurboTax installation Error: ".NET Framework Verification Tool can't be found"

TurboTax installation Error: ".NET Framework Verification Tool can't be found"

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//Normally I don't write this kind of blog posts but I decided to do it because I was so frustrated.

It is tax season again. I am eager to get some money back so I bought TurboTax 2013 Premier in Jan. However I couldn't install it. The error is ".NET Framework Verification Tool can't be found". I did a search and found a few links. I tried all the popular links and none of them worked. I even uninstalled .net frameworks and reinstalled them. I also tried the blog suggested by InTuit. I tried it for a couple of hours but the error still persisted. I almost gave up.  But as a software engineer I wanted to figure out what was going on. I thought about using the tool Orca to modify the setup files ( .msi). Before that I started to explore the files on the CD and it turned out that the solution is super simple. I don't even need to use Orca.


The solution is executing the file "TurboTax 2013\TurboTax 2013 Installer.exe" directly and it will skip the annoying verification step. I believe that this is a bug on Turbo Tax 2013 and I am disappointed Intuit didn't fix it or even didn't provide a solution for it.


Update: looks like that this solution applies to TurboTax 2014 and 2015 as well.


The links I tried but none of them worked for me.

  • I will try your fix but this error is associated with the October 2013 Windows 7.0 update that Microsoft released in October 2013.  I saw this problem  immediately when I tried to install a 2011 state TurboTax product after the update.

    I have spent 10+ hours trying every fix mentioned on Intuit, Microsoft and just blogs.  I decided Monday that I was not going to give up.  Microsoft wants the user to pay $149 to dial in and fix the issue.  I talked to 11 people at Microsoft being transferred to one person, then another.  Most knew nothing about .net framework.  I repeated myself 11 times.  One tech named "Andrew" dialed in to my computer for 4 minutes then disconnected, hung up.  When I called back, I happened to get Andrew again and he hung up on me.  Microsoft knows that the release of their update caused this issue.  Also having trouble with my keyboard jumping all around now.

    If I have to buy a new laptop, it will be an Apple.  Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't care about the little guy any more.  Don't run Windows updates!

    I will start in on them again tomorrow.  I think this will be a great news article for Fox News.  Many blogs are appearing now that tax season is here.  I'm sure they are trying to write another update to fix this issue and until then it will be a stall.  Will try your fix and let you know.  THANKS.

  • I purchased turbo tax premier  2013  from staples and could not install it on my machine which has system 8OS. I returned it for a replacement and could not install it on my machine after many hours of trying with no results I purchased an additional turbo tax premier  2013  from Office Depot. could not install it on my machine. th

  • sorry to hear that Ben. Did you try my approach? btw normally getting replacement on CDs/DVDs for such kind of issues won't work.

  • Lori I am sorry to hear your story and I completely understood your frustration. I am disappointed that Microsoft support didn't give you useful suggestion. As a developer (full disclaimer. I am working for Microsoft) I think that it would be better if you paid intuit to look into the issue first. Let me explain why. The majority of the windows updates are security patches which fix security holes and may change internal interfaces/functionalities. All the applications on Windows should use only public APIs/features and if they don't a security patch might cause it not working. I can't assert that turbotax uses not public APIs/features but it is possible. In this particular case did you find other applications not working? I tried all the steps provided by Intuit and verified the .net frameworks are properly installed and all other applications are working. But still turbo tax just couldn't be installed. So intuit should investigate first and if they prove that it is a bug on windows they should report this bug to Microsoft to fix. Meanwhile they need to come out with a working solution and there has to be other way around. The solution they are using in the setup package is probably not reliable. I happened to work around the setup issue and after installation it is working fine on my machine. if there is any issue with windows or .net why is it working at all? Anyway there are hundreds of thousands of applications running on windows a general guidance for any application issue is investigating the application first. I saw many irresponsible companies producing so-so softwares.

  • Thanks for this.  installed TT Installer directly from the Turbo Tax Folder, instead of running Setup and it installed perfectly.

  • Thanks for this post; I was here pulling my hair out trying to install TT2014. You just saved the day!!!

  • Perfect.. works to install TT 2014 state return also. Thanks!

  • The state doesn't work right though and Intuit sends the state exe and it fails with the same .net message. A year and they still have this bug? Shame on them....

  • I am having problems with getting out of state tax returns that I have a download for. The ".NET 4.0 Framework Verification Tool can't be found" error pops up and I can't download them. Should I uninstall Turbo Tax 2014 Home and Business and reinstall it? I can run it perfectly besides the out of state returns that I do for my friends.  If you could help that would be great.  Thanks!

  • I have downloaded TT Premier 14 from Amazon and just have an exe file. How do I access the installer.exe directly as you mention in your post ? I have been fussing with this all day! Getting frozen on net framework error. Have uninstalled, cleaned up, reinstalled etc etc.... If you can let me know how to get around this i would be indebted!

  • To Jerry I have never tried to install from Amazon. This post is about installing from the actual CD. Sorry. probably you can contact Intuit.

  • Thanks. I was able to return the download and get a credit and ordered via CD via pony express. Hopefully that will work.   Thanks for the reply !

  • I ran into this issue with the download of the software and was able to get past it by:


    run the installer *note the time when it started

    when it fails, look in the TEMP folder for a new folder matching the time, probably with a "ckz_" beginning, locate the Turbotax folder and inside is the "Turbotax2014installer"

    Running that should install the software without the check

  • Thank you running TurboTax 2013\TurboTax 2013 Installer.exe directly worked for me after spending hour try to reinstall .net

  • Awesome solution!  Spent hours trying to resolve the Turbo Tax ".Net 4.0 Framework verification tool can't be found" issue when installing updates.  Running the installer from the temp folder worked - apparently bypassing the framework check.  It didn't re-install Turbo Tax, but installed just the updates.  Just what I was looking for.  THANK YOU!

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