I've been working on various forms of displaying status messages from enums, and here's the latest preferred iteration of how to do this. Regurgitated and tweaked from WayneHartman.com.

public enum XmlValidationResult
    [Description("Could not load file.")]
    [Description("Could not load schema.")]
    [Description("Form XML did not pass schema validation.")]

private string GetEnumDescription(Enum value)
    // Get the Description attribute value for the enum value
    FieldInfo fi = value.GetType().GetField(value.ToString());
    DescriptionAttribute[] attributes = 
            typeof(DescriptionAttribute), false);

    if (attributes.Length > 0)
        return attributes[0].Description;
        return value.ToString();

It's possible to do something even cooler like cache the values or add a ToDescription() method (in C#3.0), but I just wanted an simple, repeatable way to do this.