So, being the good dogfooder that I am, I'm posting this using Word 2013 on release day.

Looks like this may be the future of Windows Live Writer (according to the tea leaves). It feels a lot like Writer initially. It can do a lot out of the box but I'll spare you the needless includes from Flickr and other locations. Although I don't see Insert->Code, maybe cut and paste from Visual Studio is formatted well enough.

Even though I'm a Microsoft employee, I haven't been privy to anything with this release—in fact, I don't think I was able to glean anything other than what's been posted online. I'm looking forward to learning more in the next few weeks and months. I'm particularly intrigued by the sync story with Skydrive and the investment in web versions of the apps. Also fascinating to think about is 3rd party apps integrated with Office 365, Skydrive, and Office Web Apps. Looks like there's an Office store where folks can acquire these add-ons.

Here are a few questions that I have after an hour working with some of the release. There seems to be a cohesive connected-device picture coming together.

Word 2013 Questions

  • Will the sharing features (such as blog posting) be available in the web app?
  • Will there be an RSS reader online to compete with Google Reader?
  • Will real-time collaboration be backward compatible with Office 2010?
  • How well does the PDF editor work?

Outlook 2013 Questions

  • I imported my Google Reader RSS feeds OPML file. Now, when I click on RSS Feeds, it goes to my Google Reader. Is this a fluke?
  • Anything new in people merging? Will my merged contacts sync with the Metro Mail App and Windows Phone? It's a lot of work to redo these associations.
  • I see you can add Facebook and LinkedIn social connectors. Where's Twitter?
  • Are live tiles coming?

OneNote 2013 Questions

  • Can OneNote edit PDFs like Word can?


  • Why aren't we seeing the Metro style versions in this beta release?
  • Any new authentication mechanisms planned for Skydrive (Facebook?)

I'll probably figure some of this out, but if anyone has some of this information already, feel free to include it in the comments.


p.s. Man this thing posts a LOT faster than Writer.