Hi everybody-

I’ve really enjoyed reading blogs and participating here and there in discussions.  I love that personal connection and dialog you have with so many people, only here.  Today is the day – I’m kicking off my own blog!

Meet Paul Yu ..

…You might need help saying my name – Paul Yuknewicz [Yook – na – vitch].  So Paul or Pauly, or PaulYuk, Yuk work for short. 

Here is some info about me.  I am one of the Program Managers on the Visual Basic team.  I’m currently working on many of the business and migration programs aimed to make developers successful on VB 2005.  I’m also very excited to announce that I’m picking up many of the community lead responsibilities for my friend and colleague, Robert Green.  These are the matters closest to my heart on the VB team, and I’m proud to be working on them with a brilliant team. 

I’ve had a fun, possibly eclectic, tour of duty before this.  My team was responsible for bringing you Visual Basic Express Edition, starter kits, and other exciting things for hobbyist and learning programmers.  I’ve also contributed to many of the data access features in Visual Basic and Visual Studio.  And before that I had fun being the sole PM for that little release called Visual Basic 2003.  It’s been 5 years now in all. 

I have the most fun in my work when I’m connecting with people (developers, business teams, my team, partners, enthusiasts, learning programmers).  Software for me is about enabling people and doing things that make our lives better.  I try to work on projects where I can make a difference, learn new things, and have fun.  I look back fondly on the first applications I wrote that did something real, and that feeling of accomplishment I had; I love it when others get to have that too. 

What’s coming next?

Visual Basic 2005 is really going to be an amazing product and it is here to stay.  In fact, I truly believe it’s the best product ever for line-of-business developers.  I think this is the one that brings the magic of VB together with amazing capabilities of the platform.   As I’ve been touring around regional users groups and visits people have told me (honestly), “Paul, you’re right -- this really is the one”.  There is an exciting time ahead and our community is an exciting community to be a part of.  This excitement is contagious. 

What I hope to do next is get a dialog started with all of you in the community.  I think we have a lot to talk about ranging from the real value seen in adopting VB 2005, to exciting things we’re all contributing to the community, to deeper discussions around the technology.  I think we have some big challenges we need to tackle as well – it will help me to hear about the challenges and issues you face and to discuss them here.

Longer term, I’d love to see us innovating on RAD to the extent that creating a killer program is not much harder than coming up with the killer idea itself.   Solving the technical problems should be easy. 

After hours

Here are some things going on outside of work.  I’ve had my skis shined up and ready to go all winter, but where is the winter?  And I’m now ready to go hiking and boating outdoors, but where is the sunny spring?  Nature don’t be cruel! 

I love music and films of all kinds.  This is a good fit for a rainy Seattle day. 

I’m juggling 3 or 4 projects that have to do with home media automation.  I’m a big time geek when it comes to digital audio/video, projectors and cool stuff like that.  I just picked up a 200 gb hard drive, and I’m trying to build a server that will integrate with my Audiotron, Rio Karma, and future devices to come.  I just re-ripped 200 CD’s for the 3rd time using WMA lossless.  Will this be the last?  J   I’ll be keeping an eye on avsforum.com.  Sync’ing all my media effortlessly and in high quality – that would be big. 

Talk to you soon

I’m looking forward to get to know all of you. 


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