Jackie GoldStein, a partner and friend of ours just created a great post talking about the new resources created by the MS Patterns and Practices Team. 


I think these are must have assets for any team thinking about an upgrade.  Here are a few more notes from my perspective: 


  • Migration Guide -- a very helpful book covering how a development team can approach a migration to VB.NET.  This has been compiled using best practices learned by actual customers, the MS field, and the VB Team members like Joe Binder.  Use this to help scope out and plan your migration. 


  • VB Migration Assessment Tool -- a tool that analyzes and reports helpful metrics when you?re considering a migration.  You get things like # of lines of code/modules/classes/forms, a dependency graph, cost/time estimation tool.  Use this to help scope out and estimate the resources needed for a migration. 


All resources are available for FREE download here:



Please tell me what you think about these new resources. 





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