I just received this update from the Mesh product team about the extension of the Mesh Technical Preview I referred to in my earlier post:

Live Mesh still in Tech Preview, but ready for more users

Our forum announcement from yesterday got a lot of people talking (more).  We just updated the forum post to clarify exactly what's going on, but I want to explain here as well.  This week we did two things:

  1. Doubled the maximum number of users we'll allow to access the Live Mesh Technology Preview.
  2. Simplified the Tech Preview sign-up process.  We've removed the requirement to sign up via Microsoft Connect, so that instead you can sign up directly from www.mesh.com.

We'll continue to listen to your feedback (keep it coming!), add features, and open up for more Live Mesh users over time.  And we'll have plenty to say to developers about the platform at PDC.

This means that there is an upper limit on the number of users who will be allowed in so… if you are interested… HURRY UP!