The DeepZoom Composer preview has just been updated as reported by the team here (this is actually the second release that fixes a small bug in the original one announced and documented here).

On top of normal bug fixes and performance enhancements, the most notable new features are:

PhotoZoom upload

PhotoZoom is an experimental site by the MS Live Labs that allows to host DeepZoom compositions easily.


DeepZoom Composer now includes some cool PhotoStiching technologies from MS Research (as included in Windows Live Photo Gallery) which allows to “stitch” photos together to create a panoramic shot from several individual images.

To try it out, I created a simple Photo Stitch with some pictures from the 2008 Imagine Cup finals. I took pictures of all  the winners on stage (the originals are all the pics on the top row), imported them in DeepZoom Composer, lined them up nicely then created the stitch which I aligned below the originals.

All in all, 10 minutes and here is the result (and you can look at it in PhotoZoom site as well):

Not bad at all!!!!

You can download the updated DeepZoom Composer Preview here.