image Today (as announced by Tim Sneath) the Silverlight team released an update for the plug in which is available here.

The official version number is Silverlight 2 GDR 1 (2.0.40115.0) (and in case you are wondering, GDR stands for General Distribution Release which means… update available for everyone).

This release is basically a collection of bug fixes that does not introduce any new features. I do not think it requires any update to the SDK or the Silverlight tools for Visual Studio, but I will keep my eyes open and post links if this is not correct.


UPDATE: If you have the dev runtime, you need to go and install the updated tools here:

If you go via the general release page you would get the following error message:

Error message

I just tested it and even if the date on the download page for the tools does not look right (the team has been informed) I got success:

Success message 


dzciconAlso, we just released the February 2009 preview of DeepZoom Composer. Again, not a major release but mainly bug fixes especially for in case of some images not properly working in Composer.

The team will blog soon about the improvements, keep an eye on their blog and if you have any suggestion or requests for the next version… just go here and leave us your feedback!

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