Among a number of other things (especially the Silverlight 3 beta and the final version of Internet Explorer 8) at Mix 09 we announced that yet another very cool tool from Microsoft Research is being made available.

It is the Microsoft Translator web page widget. In a nutshell it is a widget that can be placed on a web page and allows users to automatically translate the content of any given page into any of the supported languages in place!!! This means that the page they are on will simply be rendered in the language they chose without the need of opening other tabs, new windows, pop ups, etc.

I just installed the widget on my page and you can see it on the right. I tested it with Italian and it does a fair job. Not perfect by any means but definitely good enough to get a good feeling of the page content.

Why don’t you try it out and let me know what you think?

At the moment you need an invite token to get hold of the widget (and these codes were distributed to Mix participants). You can register for an invite though and I hope more codes will be released soon.

In any case, to learn more just visit the team blog here.

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