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Have you ever wondered how Silverlight could take advantage of the Azure platform?

Well, we just released DeepZoomPix a fantastic photo sharing site that takes advantage of both these technologies to provide a truly innovative way of sharing your photos.

It uses DeepZoom to compose your photos into compositions that are then presented to the visitors in a very interactive way. All the images are stored in the Windows Azure Services Platform, specifically Windows Azure Storage.

The result can be shared with friends either sending a link or embedding it into a blog or webpage, the only requirement is to have the Silverlight plug in installed.

Here is a sample I created using photo from a recent visit to a Zoo near London:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Full details on how the site has been built are also available on the site if you are interested and think about doing something similar… and the good news is that the source code of Jellyfish, the framework created by 2nd Factory and used to create this, is released under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) on CodePlex!