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The DeepZoom team just released an updated version of DeepZoom Composer which now supports native upload of your composition to the really cool DeepZoomPix (I blogged about DeepZoomPix a few days ago when it was launched).

The previous version of Composer allowed you to upload to another service called “PhotoZoom” which has now been replaced by the more powerful DeepZoomPix (and actually if you already uploaded any composition to PhotoZoom, you will find that they will be available and working great in DeepZoomPix).

Just one note… to install the new version you *MUST* uninstall the previous one first!

One caveat if you are planning to use it though: Please do note that DeepZoomPix is just a technology demo. It is something that we are only planning on keeping until the end of the year (Dec 31st), and after that, we are not sure what will happen to the service. Please do not use this location as a permanent storage location for your photos.

You can always take a look at how it has been created looking at the developer resources page and  you can go to Codeplex to download the underlying framework that powers it: Jellyfish (which as I stated in my previous post is Open Sourced)