UPDATE: A new version of the PHP on Windows Training Kit which fixes a bug with Windows 7 has been just released. Check out more here or download the updated one here


We just launched a the PHP on Windows Training Kit that developers can use to learn how to build PHP applications using Windows, IIS 7 and SQL Server 2008 taking full advantage of the platform.

The guide includes demos and hands-on labs covering several aspects of the various capabilities that the Winodws platform allows PHP developers to use such as:

PHP & SQL Server Demos

  • Integrating SQL Server Geo-Spatial with PHP
  • SQL Server Reporting Services and PHP

PHP & SQL Server Hands On Labs
  • Introduction to Using SQL Server with PHP
  • Using Full Text Search over Office Documents in PHP

PHP on Windows Hands On Labs
  • IIS Access Control Features for PHP
  • Using IIS 7.0 Media Features in a PHP Application
  • Troubleshooting PHP
  • Migrating PHP Applications to IIS 7.0

So, if you are a PHP developer and want to learn more about what the Windows Plaform offers you, go ahead and download the (updated) kit.