Silverlight h c reverseWith the release of version 3, Silverlight has hit the maturity sweet spot with more and more organisations realising the its benefits and adopting it as a platform to develop rich internet apps and media based application.

As such we start seeing a significant increase on the number of jobs that require Silverlight knowledge and growing interest by educators in teaching it to their students.

To help Universities, Media Academies and Colleges understanding the technology and teaching it to their students, and in collaboration with Skillset and the Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Microsoft developed a ready to teach module that covers all the main aspects of the technology and the associated tools.

We are delighted to launch this module in the UK with two events in which we will talk about the content, the technology and provide you with some more information on how we believe learning it will be beneficial for your students.

During the day, you will have the opportunity to understand the course content and get an overview of the technology and especially understand the benefit of integrated developer/designer workflow, Deep Zoom & Smooth Streaming HD video. You will also experience working with the latest Expression Blend 3 tools – supporting you from sketching through to delivery.

Here’s an overview of the topics covered in the course

  1. Introduction Silverlight
  2. Prototyping your Silverlight Project in SketchFlow
  3. Building asserts for your Silverlight project
  4. Naming and arranging elements in Expression Blend
  5. Creating animation & Basic interactivity in Expression Blend
  6. Working with the Visual State Manager
  7. Adding Video in Expression Blend
  8. A C# Primer
  9. Practical Application
  10. Working with Data
  11. Creating DeepZoom compositions

The events will take place in Birmingham on March 15th 2010 and in Edinburgh on March 19th 2010.

So… if you are a lecturer or a researcher in a UK University, College or Media Academy and are interested in coming along… just send me an email (pbarone [at] and let me know:

  • Your name
  • Your title
  • Your institution
  • Your phone number and email address
  • Which session you want to attend

The places are limited, so if you are interested please hurry up and I am looking forward to meeting you there!