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    Request Handler Installation Problems


    Sandeep has posted a blog about Request Handler Installation problems


    I would just add that an additional thing to check is that the user you are entering has an SMTP address (whether primary or secondary) that matches the domain for the Exchange virtual directory in IIS. So if your Exchange virtual directory points to \\.\backofficestorage\mydomain.com\MBX and you enter yourdomain\RH_Account as the user in the installer, ensure that you have an SMTP address for RH_Account that looks like RH_Account@mydomain.com in the list of email addresses for that user in ADUC.

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    Duet Planning Guide


    By far the best reference documentation available on Duet that I've found...[I may change my mind later ;) ]



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    Doin' Duet


    I've been tasked with creating support training for a new product we have called Duet. What is Duet? I had the same question myself when I was told that our teams (the Enterprise Business Apps Messaging Development support team and the Visual Studio Office Development support team) would be responsible for supporting it. Duet is a joint product between Microsoft and SAP, the first of its kind.

    Duet is built on the Information Bridge Framework 1.5. It's a series of scenarios that expose SAP data in Outlook: Time Tracking, Budget Monitoring, Reporting, Leave Management, Organization Management, among others.

    You'll be hearing more about Duet from me in the coming months as I develop this training. I'm sure many of you have never even heard of Duet, but if you are in an organization that runs SAP, you'll hear about it soon.

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    5 Things You Don't Know About Me


    I got "tagged" by my friend, Joey Beninghove, with whom I worked at TCSC. I don't usually participate in things like this, but I figured eh whattheheck.

    1. "Patrick" spelled backwards is "kcirtaP."
    2. My wife has a husband named "Patrick"
    3. The most famous "Patrick" was "St. Patrick" of Ireland...more probably, his name was Patricius, but I still go by "Patrick"
    4. My 2 year-old sometimes calls me "Pakick" most usually when yelling.
    5. My dad named me "Patrick" after hearing the name "Pat" on TV while watching a Rams game in the 70's

    So there ya go. Five things you didn't know about Patrick.

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