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    Forwarding Appointments in Outlook Prepopulates “To” Field With All Attendees


    We’ve had a lot of folks calling in recently about this one. The symptoms are that if you go to your calendar in Outlook and forward a meeting, the To field is prepopulated with all attendees of the meeting and the Subject field is not prefixed with “FW:.”  The common denominator of all victims of this problem is that they all had their meetings processed with CDO 1.21. This is common if you are a Blackberry user, but could happen if any application processes your appointment with CDO 1.21 before you’ve had a chance to touch it with Outlook.

    The real cause of the problem is that CDO 1.21 doesn’t clear the MSGFLAG_UNSENT flag from the PR_MESSAGE_FLAGS property when it does a Respond. Because this flag is still set on the appointment item in the calendar, Outlook (rightfully) thinks the message has not yet been sent and so it treats it like a new message – essentially.

    I’ve requested a fix for this issue and it is currently being worked on by our development team. I’ll update this post if/when the fix becomes available.

    [UPDATE| The fix is now available and accessible here: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;957020.

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    OnSyncDelete Delete


    The Exchange team is looking for some feedback on business scenarios that will be impacted by removing store sinks from the code. With Exchange 2007 and beyond, the new technology designed to replace store sinks is EWS Notifications and Transport Agents. However, with the removal of the synchronous store sinks, OnSyncSave and OnSyncDelete, there will be no means of synchronous notification of changes on the store. If you have a business scenario that makes use of synchronous store sinks, hop over to Matt’s blog post and give him some feedback on this.

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