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  • Blog Post: ARGH: Large WebDAV PROPPATCH requests fail with 401/401.5

    I had a case recently where one of our products, Duet, was doing a large PROPPATCH against Exchange 2003 and it was failing with a HTTP 401 error. The customer noticed that small PROPPATCH requests succeeded, but large ones (bigger than say 25 KB) would fail. Well, we knew that it couldn't be a permission...
  • Blog Post: Request Handler Installation Problems

    Sandeep has posted a blog about Request Handler Installation problems I would just add that an additional thing to check is that the user you are entering has an SMTP address (whether primary or secondary) that matches the domain for the...
  • Blog Post: Duet Planning Guide

    By far the best reference documentation available on Duet that I've found...[I may change my mind later ;) ]
  • Blog Post: Doin' Duet

    I've been tasked with creating support training for a new product we have called Duet . What is Duet ? I had the same question myself when I was told that our teams (the Enterprise Business Apps Messaging Development support team and the Visual Studio Office Development support team) would be responsible...
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