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  • Blog Post: How to Build an Outlook Social Connector Provider

    Last fall, the Outlook documentation team approached me about using an Outlook Social Connector provider I built for an internal social network we have here at Microsoft (called OfficeTalk) as an example for a Visual How-To series on MSDN. It took a few months to get it all done, but you can check out...
  • Blog Post: OSC Provider Proxy Library Updated

    You may remember when I unveiled the Outlook Social Connector Provider Proxy. Well, good news – I have updated the OSC Provider Proxy Library to now support OSC v1.1 and also built it for .NET v3.5 in addition to the v4.0 build available with the original release. Check it out!
  • Blog Post: Introducing The Outlook Social Connector Provider Proxy Library

    You may have heard of OfficeTalk . You may have heard of the Outlook Social Connector . As it turns out, my team is responsible for supporting developers building Outlook Social Connector (OSC) providers for their social networks. As a means of learning about how the technology works in preparing myself...
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