Mike Swanson highlights the top 3 questions he gets as the PDC Content Owner. Spoiler alert.  They are:  How do I submit a session, how do I become a speaker and what are this year's tracks? And he gives the answers. 

The most popular MS Blog these days is the Engineering Windows 7 blog written by Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky.  They've created a lot of buzz announcing that the PDC will be one of the first venues where we they will provide in-depth technical information about Windows 7.

Dan Rigsby, Lead Software Engineer for Interactive Intelligence in Indianapolis, has been a huge fan of PDC since 2001. On a recent post, he explains what PDC is about, why you should attend, the event history, logistics and some fun facts about the event . "Anyone who uses or works with Microsoft technologies, particularly with .NET should really consider attending this conference" he says. 

Mike Taulty created a placeholder for UK developers to post comments and indicate where they're going to stay and meet during PDC.