Not every service in "software + services" will run in an Internet datacenter.  The Windows Home Server team believes that some services should "stay at home."  Want an example?  How about a service that controls the energy usage in your home-- turning off the lights when no one’s around or adjusting the thermostat during peak demand hours?  You probably don’t want to run that service on the Internet!  But you do want it connected to the Internet - so it’s programmable remotely when you’re away and always up-to-date on energy prices. 

So where should you run such a service?  We posit that the ideal solution is a Windows Home Server, the stay-at-home server platform from Microsoft for stay-at-home services.  Why?  Because it’s a robust, connected, always-available platform enabling developers to build the next generation of services that will turn ordinary homes into Connected Homes.  Learn more about Windows Home Server as Channel 9's Charles Torre talks to Program Manager MCJ Saretto, Product Manager Mark Pendergrast and Software Developer Brendan Grant, aka dahat.  Since late 2007, Microsoft and its OEM partners have been deploying this platform to consumers in market-changing products like HP’s MediaSmart Server.  And just recently, we also made available an update to our SDK outlining Home Server specific platform features on our development page on MSDN.  To learn more on what it means to consumers, check out the interview by Channel 10's Larry Larsen.

At PDC2008, the Windows Home Server team is hosting two sessions showing how to build Connected Home Solutions on top of the Windows Home Server platform.  Demos will include the home energy management service mentioned above, as well as a media streaming service that gives families access to all their media at home and on the go.   The team will have some of their smartest minds on staff to answer your questions and a show-only discount on a home server to help YOU get started on that stay-at-home service.  So don’t hesitate, register for PDC today, and be sure to attend the Windows Home Server sessions!