Yes. The Engineering Windows 7 blog is getting a lot of attention.  Robert Scoble blogged about some organizational changes in the Windows Client team that could positively impact Windows 7. He also refers to PDC and the Windows 7 announcements to be made at the conference: "I’m hearing that there’s some very cool stuff that will be shown at the Professional Developer’s Conference (Microsoft’s big developer conference) and that, unlike when Longhorn was shown off, that this stuff will actually be based on shipping code... I’ll see you at the Professional Developer Conference in late October."

Even with all the buzz around Windows 7, Cloud Computing and Oslo still are top of mind for developers. João Pedro Martins, a Biztalk MVP in Portugal,  has been trying out the new BizTalk Services R12 release with hosted workflow support while getting ready for PDC 2008. Ahmed Salijee is ready for PDC where he expect to hear more about S+S and Oslo, particularly SQL Server Data Services and BizTalk Services. David Chappell got great responses to his paper on cloud platforms which also boosted people’s interest in Microsoft’s cloud platform unveiling at PDC.

Doug Holland from Intel call developers'  attention to an interesting new addition to the .NET Framework. Microsoft Code Name "Zermatt" provides a set of .NET Framework classes designed to enable software architects and developers to bring claims-based identity to their applications. He also suggest that the "Zermatt" project will feature prominently in October at PDC2008.

Jeff Prosise from Wintellect will be delivering a precon on Silverlight 2 on Sunday, Oct 26th. He is very excited with the conference and the success Silverlight is having in the marketplace. In his own words: "Most of my work these days involves Silverlight, and I can honestly say it's been a long time since I've had this much fun as a developer. If you come to L.A. for the PDC, I'd love to see you at the precon".

Is this the year of multi-touch? Loren Heiny seems to think it is. He comments on a recent New York Times article that lays out the case that we’ll be seeing more multi-touch systems in the near future.  He thinks that a big part of this is going to depend on what Microsoft delivers with Windows 7 and all eyes will be on PDC and the new Windows 7 Engineering blog, authored by Steven Sinofsky and Jon DeVaan blog.

Attending PDC? Pay a visit to the CRM booth in the Pavilion, get a glimpse of CRM Vnext and meet some of the product developers and PMs .