Mary-Jo Foley, one of the most viewed bloggers in the IT industry, dedicated two blog posts to discuss Live Mesh and Oslo in the last week.  Mary-Jo is also connecting dots with the new sessions revealed this week.  Gill Cleeren writes,"It now really cannot be denied anymore: PDC will be THE event to attend this year."  Deepak Gupta says, "For the programming-minded amongst us who can’t wait to get their hands dirty, then keep your eyes locked on Microsoft’s PDC in late October where the Live Mesh SDK should be making an appearance."  Dominic Green says, "Live Mesh is just getting more and more exciting and I can't wait for the announcements from PDC in late October."  Laurent Kempé will finally attend the PDC. He looks forward to learn more about Cloud Services, Velocity, Oslo, Parallelism, the new version of Workflow.

Bob Foltrigg, a real-world developer and not exactly a MS fan, seems to be positively impressed with what he has seen about MS Cloud Computing strategy. David Chappell comes up with a "Clouding Platforms Paper" and it finally makes sense- Microsoft is going to give a flying damn about cloud services.

Doug Purdy, a Microsoft Product Unit Manager, announced details on how Microsoft is planning to unveil Oslo at PDC.  Don Box piggybacked Doug Purdy's blog post and provided insights on how Microsoft is building this technology.  Inspired by PDC2008 various moves in the area of social networking platforms, Dare Obasanjo  shares how platform adoption happens in the real world in, "The 3 Laws of Platform Adoption: Why Developers Choose Platforms and What it Means to You." Paul van Brenk highlights the news that 55 more sessions have been announced making the current total 139 sessions and still more "secret stuff" is coming.