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  • Blog Post: Watch keynote build and tear down in 6 minutes

    Take a break from watching the online sessions and see the keynote room get built and torn down in this timelapse video .
  • Blog Post: New RSS Feed for PDC Announcements

    For all the latest news on PDC, please follow the PDC News RSS Feed here .
  • Blog Post: The Devil’s Field Guide to the PDC2008

    The long awaited “ The Devil’s Field Guide to the PDC ” is the ultimate insider’s guide to having the best PDC experience ever. It answers questions that attendees of any type of large Microsoft conference event ponder, for example: • Where do all the Microsofties hang out after the event? • How do I...
  • Blog Post: A Behind-the-scenes glimpse at getting the word out about PDC

    PDC is a truly unique event for developers and architects that is built by developers and architects at Microsoft. Every week for the past five months the PDC team has met to create the unique 2008 experience. Lots of ideas get put on the table. We know that PDC is more than sessions. We took a moment...
  • Blog Post: Have a question? Ask The Brain

    Yes. Simply go to and get your PDC inquiries answered. It's that simple.
  • Blog Post: Wordle of August PDC2008 Content

    Mike Swanson delivers again! This time with an amusing Wordle featuring the current PDC content and themes. This Wordle is nestled halfway down his third episode of "PDC2008: A Day in the Life." Take a look and enjoy.
  • Blog Post: Poems, Pre-Conferences, Prosise and Petzold!

    Countdown to PDC2008 : Not only does Content Owner Mike Swanson issue his PDC Hard Hat Geek Challenge in the form of a poem this week (be the first to figure it out and win a limited edition PDC2008 shirt), but Jaime Rodriguez, who is driving the PDC pre-cons , talks about all of the awesome content...
  • Blog Post: Countdown to PDC2008: Content be King

    50 new sessions with abstracts announced! Pre-conference workshop popularity soars, Show Off contest launches, microwaves and the e-mail address direct to the content czar’s inner circle revealed. All in 10 minutes or less - Countdown to PDC2008 – it’s faster than defrosting last night’s leftovers!
  • Blog Post: Countdown To PDC2008 : Producing a Ginormous Conference in 10 Minutes or Less

    Welcome to the inaugural episode of Countdown to PDC, where Jennifer Ritzinger, the PDC2008 Event Owner, and Mike Swanson, the PDC2008 Content Owner, share updates and behind-the-scenes stories about what it takes to produce a ginormous conference like the PDC. Join them, along with other members of...
  • Blog Post: PDC on the Blogsphere

    The buzz is abounding. First around cloud computing. Worker Thread’s Derek has noticed the interest as has Ubrgeek . Interest in the future of programming languages dominated the conversations by Harry Pierson and Dan Fernandez with the announcement of new sessions covering topics such as: Introduction...
  • Blog Post: PDC Attendee Tips from the Blogsphere

    Buzz on the Blogsphere (June 30th): Enjoy this humorous detailed post from Zach Bohham giving tips for attending PDC. We've taken the liberty to add a few notes/links to his list: 1. PDC sells out like no other Microsoft event ( register now and save $200). 2. Be sure to register for a pre-conference...
  • Blog Post: Vetting topics for PDC2008

    Mike Swanson shares insights to the challenges and opportunities of selecting the sessions that detail the future of Microsoft's platform in his blog post " PDC2008: A Day in the Life #2 ."
  • Blog Post: Bill Gates on what's top of mind for developers

    What's top of mind for Bill that Developers who target our platform should pay attention to now and in the next decade? Bill shares his thoughts during his last Channel 9 interview.
  • Blog Post: PDC2008 Genetic Session Scheduler

    Check out just how Mike Swanson , the PDC2008 content owner, is planning the 160+ PDC sessions with a unique algorithm. See his interview on Channel 9.
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