Whether you are looking for career advice, curious about Microsoft’s global workplace or looking to connect with some of the smartest and brightest technical people on the planet –this blog – PeopleFirst, is all about Microsoft’s number one asset – our people.  I predict that, with your help, this will be a forum for us to gather, share and explore.


So you may have seen JobsBlog or the fun and funky Microspotting and you may be asking what’s this gonna be all about? Well that’s what YOU and I are going to figure out on this journey. But my hope is that we can make some connections and I may give you some insight as to what it’s REALLY like to work here…I would hope that after 9 years I might be able to share some fun stories, dispel a few myths and get you excited to work for the company that I hope I will retire from. 


Why else would I blog? Well, to be honest – everyone else is doing it and I feel like I am the last to the party.


I gotta tell you, I am one of those girls that gets giddy when asked “who do you work for,” I get butterflies in my stomach as I start to say the word – Microsoft. Then we go into the pleasantries of “what do you do there?” I answer Recruiter and usually eyes get a little wider (and I am still beaming as well), but then I start to say – “Yes, I recruit Escalation Engineers for Customer Service and Support,” and it’s at this point that I have lost everyone’s attention.


Well throughout the metamorphosis of this blog we are going to dive deeper into what all of that Microsoft Customer Service mumbo jumbo means. What I can start by saying is that we hire some of the industry’s most TECHNICAL engineers. They can get into the code, break it, fix it, and make it work smarter and faster. They sweep in like super heroes’ when companies are having technical complications and save the day. Here you will have the opportunity to meet and chat with a real life Clark Kent – but more about that later….


Let’s start this expedition, and I beg of YOU to please give me your feedback, your ideas, your requests. Let’s build this blog together!