I have always enjoyed looking up random email rumors on Snopes or following the crazy antics of MythBusters: http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/mythbusters/mythbusters.html.


·         Does eating Turkey make you sleepy?

·         Do giant Alligators live in our Sewers?

·         Is Bill Gates going to send me a million dollars if I forward this email on to my 10 best friends?


Well I want to get this blog started off on the right foot, so let’s dispel a few myths, this is 5 things Microsoft CSS is NOT:


1)      Located only in Rainy Seattle: Nope, we are worldwide; Washington, Texas, North Carolina, North Dakota, India, China, Japan….

2)      Boring: Yah right… Just in the past week I have talked to an engineer that saved Christmas and another one that helped out a major music video television company

3)      Geeky: I have hired geeky before, really I have. And hey, aren’t we all a little geeky. However, I will say, this group is one of the most talkative, social groups I have had the pleasure to work with.

4)      A call center: Yes we answer calls, but in what job don’t you occasionally answer the phone. NO, we are not Call Center agents lined up in a que. More to come on that soon….

5)      JUST Customer Service: CSS Actually drives product changes, we are the voice of our customers back to the development teams


So there you have it folks, to sum it up, CSS is NOT what you think it is. I am sure I have a few friends out there who could add to this list…would love to hear from you!