So what are attendees saying about Microsoft’s Digigirlz High Tech Camp (


"From the first day, I was blown away from the support that everyone gave at Microsoft and how much everyone truly wanted us to be there. Even in the short time I was at Microsoft I learned so much about technology, but more about how people can achieve professions that they love and enjoy. Everyone's enthusiasm about their professions inspired me to find what I love and pursue it. Not only in technology, but in life."


"I am now much, much more interested in technology-related careers. They are so much fun."


"I thought you had to be a geek to work here, but this camp changed my mind."


"It definitely had a positive impact on me. It got me inspired to get involved and really gave me confidence to live out my dreams. It gave me great ideas and I am so excited to continue on!"


For four days girls in grades 7 - 12 can attend this FREE camp sponsored by Microsoft. As a mother of 3 AND one being a girl, I can say I would take advantage of this opportunity. Tours, discussions, seminars and hands-on learning are all a part of this camp experience.


As I am new to this blogging stuff – I have solicited my team members for Blog worthy information. And I have spent quite a bit of time learning about things I never knew existed. As I toured the Digigirlz site to see what all the buzz was about, one thing popped out at me, these girls are all having FUN! I breezed through the photos of the campers and in many of the candid shots girls are smiling and appear to be enjoying themselves and learning – what a concept!


Camp is taking applications now, so please help me spread the word! I will also be adding all camp locations/dates to the blog calendar!